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      • What are they and how much is a point worth?

        Points BalkanicaOnline are a reward system offered to registered users for each purchase that is made, and the accumulated points can be redeemed for the user's next purchase. For every 1 euro of the purchase amount (excluding delivery costs) the user is credited with 1 point, which is worth 0.05 euros.
        Therefore, the registered user will receive 5% of the purchase amount in points, which can be spent on the next shop.

      • How do I get points BalkanicaOnline?

        Points are awarded automatically to your balance for every purchase made with a registered account. For each euro purchased (excluding delivery costs) you get a point added to your balance. For example: if the total of the order, with delivery excluded, is 10 euros, you will accumulate 10 points on your account.

        NOTE: You do not recieve new points on an order where you use your previously accumulated points on that same order.

      • How do I spend my points?

        Points are accumulated on the user's account. Thus, when placing the next order, if the user has accumulated points, they can be deducted from the total purchase amount, at the request of the client.

      • How long are my points valid for?

        Points are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase, after which they will expire.