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    About us

    It is likely that the name Balkanica sounds familiar to most of those who are reading these lines, as the name has been present among the food products of their native land, which they can buy in stores near them. We want to tell to both of you who have heard of us and who do not know us, who we are and what we do.

    We started selling Bulgarian and Romanian food products in Spain way back in 2007. To this day, we are the largest importer and distributor of Bulgarian and Romanian products in Spain and Portugal.

    Until the arrival of coronavirus in Spain, we sold almost exclusively to stores and restaurants. You could only buy at retail in our "Cash & Carry" in Madrid, Lérida and Crevillente.

    From the moment that COVID-19 invaded the lives of all of us, we found out that many of the stores lost in a very short time a large number of customers, who simply could not reach the stores. In addition, we discovered that there are many families living in areas where there is not a high concentration of immigrants and therefore, there are no stores either.

    We received many online inquiries from private customers who wanted to buy national products, but were unable to do so. Based on this, we decided and very quickly open our store - BalkanicaOnline, to reach all those customers who could not go to stores, either due to travel restrictions, concerns about their own health or for the convenience of being able to choose from more than 4000 items while comfortably lying on their living room sofa.

    Thus we are able to offer retail customers a wide variety of Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Greek and Serbian products, striving to make deliveries fast, convenient and quality. You can read more on the issue of deliveries here.

    We aim to offer a large variety of products, excellent quality and unique prices.

    BalkanicaOnline follows a food safety system in accordance with the requirements of the IFS Logistic standards, through which a series of controls are established on our products and suppliers to guarantee the safety of our products. The products supplied by Balkanica may or may not come from suppliers with these standards.