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    About us

    Despite the large number of Bulgarians that had been living, studying and working abroad in Spain since the beginning of the 21st century, their favourite products from their native country were nearly impossible to find on the Iberian Peninsula.

    Preparing a traditional Bulgarian breakfast with lyutenitsa and white cheese was a challenge that even the large and powerful Spanish food market could not help with.  

    The absence of typical Bulgarian food and drinks in Spanish shops was the main reason why BALKANICA was created in 2007, with the goal of being a major importer of a wide range of food products– of all kinds – to allow Bulgarians living here to feel, recall, and enjoy traditional Bulgarian delicacies, brands, flavours, and aromas.

    Soon after, BALKANICA expanded its portfolio, offering the best Romanian products for all immigrants living here, as well as offering more products to those who love experiencing the new and unique flavours of other regions.

    Nowadays, we are easily recognizable by the quality of goods offered, fair partnership and the widest range of products, making BALKANICA a leader in the import of high quality and certified food products from Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Northern Macedonia and other countries. More than 5000 items, catering to every taste, are available in our Cash & Carry warehouses and online shop BalkanicaOnline.

    The professionalism in the work of BALKANICA is also confirmed by the fact that we are the only importer and distributor of ethnic products in Spain, certified under both IFS Logistics, for all possible temperature storage and delivery modes; as well as ISO 9001:2015. This is a guarantee of compliance with all food safety and quality standards of the goods that are sold, regardless of what part of the world they arrive from in Spain.

    Our goal is to continue to meet the needs of this specific consumer market, while improving and streamlining our logistics’ processes in order to maintain and strengthen the high levels and standards in this industry, while maintaining the original taste and quality of each product we offer.

    We want to preserve the ethnic traditions of Bulgarians, Romanians, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians and other nationalities, minimizing the distance between the homeland and the favourite tastes, with the food and drinks we always have in stock.